Roadside Assistance


Getting stuck in an isolated road for long, slow hours is a thing of the past. Back when cell phones were non-existent, if your car were to break down somewhere secluded you would have to endure lengthy hours of boredom before the predicament gets sorted out.

It is much easier nowadays. Roadside Assistance Services are readily available and they are only one phone call away! For instance, Markham Towing Services Company, offer road support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and we are committed to getting to you within 30 minutes.

Other roadside assistance companies may offer packages which sometimes limit the coverage of the support that you get from them, but not with our towing services! If you catch yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, just call us and we will be there. Our services include car jump starts, heavy duty towing, winch towing, flat tire services and much more.
In the case that your car breaks down or you get a flat tire in an unsafe area, saving our number would most definitely come in handy; dial 647-699-1341 and we will assist you anytime, anywhere. Our towing services are not only convenient; we also ensure your security and safety. We, at Markham Towing Services pride ourselves with our extremely strict safety protocol on top of being an experienced roadside assistance company for a long time.

We have a prolific range of high-quality, powerful flatbed tow trucks. Our sturdy tow trucks have large empty beds in the back which can be inclined to function as a ramp, this way your vehicle can be gently and safely mounted. The significantly decreased chance of damage is one of the reasons why the flatbed towing service is popular. The amazing advantage of our tow trucks is that they do not place any stress on your vehicle, the pressure is transferred onto the truck. Our reliable towing technicians will ensure that they are handling your vehicle with care in every step, from the moment they pick you up.

Our technicians are exceptional and skilled drivers, because what is a powerful tool in the hands of an amateur? Even on a safe flatbed tow truck, bumps and potholes are still potentially dangerous; our certified Markham Tow operators are trained to avoid any situation that can result to damage and accidents. We make sure that our tow technicians are educated to take the rules of the road seriously, we do not play around. We will not make you wait for more than 30 minutes, stranded in an isolated area, but we would take our time if it means we will safely get you and your vehicle back on track. Our claim to fame is the gravity we put on the importance of safety and we do not intend to give you any less than the best of service.

The process of transporting a car from one place to another has always been a risky matter. Everyone wants to save time, money and effort, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Let the professionals handle it! We have our topnotch Markham Tow trucks well-situated at Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York and Toronto. No matter what your vehicle is, we are ready to serve and bring you back to your destination.