Fuel Service


You know you’ve checked the engine and your battery’s also running good. The keys are there, of course, you certainly know how to drive, but the car just stopped out of nowhere. What could go wrong, right? Well, except of course when you’ve forgotten to check your fuel meter. Yes, unfortunately and funny enough, it could happen.

This is where Markham Towing Services gets in the picture. We do not just offer plain roadside assistance, as we can also go the extra mile and provide you with fuel delivery service. We do not just cover Markham area, as we also offer our extensive range of services around Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Toronto, North York, Newmarket and Aurora.

What Are The Benefits of Fuel Delivery?

What happens when you call us at Markham Towing for fuel delivery? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and what to expect when you avail of this particular service from us:

    1. High-Quality Fuel. You won’t have to worry when it comes to the quality of our fuel. We do not and will never deliver gas that sits in dirty underground tanks. This ensures that the gas will always be clean and fresh, especially when delivered to your preferred location.
    2. 24/7 Service. Our delivery is open and working no matter what time of the day or night it already is. If it’s an emergency and there’s no more time for you to go to the nearest gas station, tow truck Markham is your best bet. We will deliver the fuel that you need as soon as we can so you won’t have to miss any urgent event or appointment.
    3. Safe. We know what we’re getting ourselves into, and that’s why safety is one of our top priorities. We absolutely adhere to safety standards that are required by law and by local government. Our drivers and operators are also certified and trained for this kind of industry.
    4. Competitive Price. We know that budget is another matter, that’s why our gas is competitively priced to match the local pricing in your area. There will be a delivery fee that’s sure to be very minimal and reasonable.
    5. Convenient, simple and reliable. You’ll be able to save more time when you call us for fuel delivery. Instead of going to the gas station or asking a friend around your area, we will be right there in no time at all, carrying the gas that you need for your car to get back on the road. It’s simple, reliable and definitely convenient.

For your towing service and fuel delivery needs, Markham Towing is always willing to serve you. Our number is 647-699-1341 and be sure to save it so it will come handy the next time you need it. You’ll never know. We also offer other services such as battery replacement, flatbed towing and other related services.